“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”


Among the best provider of shipping services, transportation and leading distribution. Ranged national and internationally as Lion Parcel are well known for their efficiency and reasonable price. A discussion on collaboration had undergone with Mr. Farian Kirana, Director Utama Lion Parcel in the Indonesia Embassy on 4th April 2018.


Parcen your seatbelt cause we’re launching in JUNE!
HELPY is a multiservice platform that has been customized to help society to ease their daily life’s tasks.
Technology are essential as it works as a maneuver in our routine, managing in a way where chances of being productive are higher.

Find your inner beauty

HELPY had organized a beauty contest as a platform for everyone to reach for their dreams. We are the medium for you to mold your career for success. “Beauty are not implemented but are being discover”. Share your passion with the world.


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