Emergency Services

HELPY AUTO isĀ  specialists in regular scheduled car servicing and maintenance. Keep your vehicle running at it’s best at our professional car workshop.

Regular car servicing not only makes your car safer for you, your passengers and other road users but also protects the environment due to decreased polluting emissions. A car that is running efficiently will need less energy to function, thus, decreasing the emission levels. Having a regular car service and undergoing regular car maintenance will ensure your vehicle runs better. Services such as line alignment, steering servicing and cleaning the air filters help keep your car running well. Line alignment and adequate pressure of the tires will prevent any shaking of the car and make steering much easier. Changing the power steering fluid also makes for easier steering because this fluid will protect the spares from rusting and corroding. Clean air filters not only contribute to cleaner air that you breathe in your car, but they also help to minimize the dust and pollutants escaping from the engine. All of these services can alleviate any concerns you may have of personal safety and toxic debris emitting into the air.

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