Discover West Halmahera !

• Expand Our Market

We set out to West Halmahera on 30th April 2018, mission is to understand structures and cultures concerning West Halmahera. We would like to introduce “Digital Economy” and enhance the tourism industry in the West Halmahera district.


Halmahera Barat is one of the nine districts / municipalities in North Maluku Province previously known as North Maluku Regency. In the past, North Maluku District was one of the districts in Maluku Province which later became the parent district during the process of expansion of North Maluku Province. Based on Law No. 1 of 2003 on the expansion of Regencies / Municipalities in the Province of North Maluku, North Maluku District is then changed the name and location of its territory into the district of West Halmahera with a capital located in Jailolo.


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