Start With a New Spirit

We are ready to serve you..!! We are a SUPER APP: HELPY

HELPY comes by serving the community and strengthening the people's economy. HELPY has always strived to be the best technology platform that provides solutions to the daily needs.

The hand symbol on the HELPY logo means that customers, merchants and service providers are the catalyst for a community that cares for the community despite the changing digital life.

HELPY, has a variety of solutions to every problem. HELPY makes you SUPER in solving problems. Because every problem has #fastsolution with HELPY

Enjoy The Journey

2017 marks the start of HELPY's journey. The creative idea of HELPY drives to embark on an exciting journey of completing the HELPY application. After 2 years the first HELPY delivery made to our first customer. It's significant of a new lifestyle of the community.

Version 2 of the HELPY mobile application released and provides more business, employment opportunities and connects more communities on one HELPY platform. The journey is still a long one, but we believe HELPY will be a catalyst for the digital life of the Malaysian community. Let's start our journey together.

Creating a Positive Impact

We create opportunities for community

Transforming a normal life into a digital technology-based life requires HELPY to focus on educating people about the importance of changing to a new standard of living. Business opportunities and jobs created can give rise to a highly digital humanities society.

Make Everything Better

HELPY design and provide various services via sustainable mobile application for economy , environment and society. We integrate development of human capital, smart technology and quality services to make everybody fell “ Easy with Helpy "


Catalyst for beautiful life through smart technology.


We design and provide various services via sustainable apps for people’s economy, community and environment. We integrate development of human capital, smart technology and quality services to make everybody feels happy with HELPY.


  • “No one can predict internet future, but it’s too important to ignore. Most believe the internet will continue to shape our societies, cultures and economic, it will define the world for generation to come”. -Dato’ Zulkifli Bin Mohamad, Former CEO Menara KL.
  • “Helpy app are prefect!! There are multiple services being-offered. It works for local celebrities and entrepreneurs to penetrate the market share through the digital platform “-Datuk Freddie Fernandez,President of Karyawan Malaysia
  • "We are from Halmahera, municipalities in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. We are blessed when we found HELPY is a "digital economy" platform for micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) by using digital marketing. -Ibu Onna, Kantor Bupati Halmahera Barat"
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