7 Best Businesses to Start in 2019

1. Custom T-shirt Printing

When it comes to the custom printing, t-shirts top the chart. They are the best fashion staples. You can turn this basic clothing into a profitable business. What all you need to do is to start custom t-shirt printing. Given are some stats to prove it’s a profitable business.

By 2025, the worldwide custom t-shirt printing market is expected to exceed $10 billion. Talk of its growth rate which is growing at a CAGR of 6.3%. No doubt, you will face some stiff competition. However, to break through the competition, you need to focus on quality and quirkiness. A little investment and some equipment will help you get started.




2. Graphic Designer

Are you planning to ditch your graphic design job and bootstrap your own firm? Well, it’s the right time to kick start. Do you know about 25% of graphic designers work for themselves? Yes, they are self-employed and do not work for an employer.

There is always a surge in demand for skilled designers. And, it’s growing day by day. Marketing and advertising industries depend on graphic designers. And, by 2020, the demand for graphic designers is expected to see a 13% increase. Start your own freelance graphic design company to make the best out of it! Later on include services like development, web designing, etc. for a more profitable business.



3. Food Truck

We all want to treat our taste buds with good food. You know what; your craving for good food can be a great business opportunity! Yesteryear’s roach coaches are today’s much-in-demand food eateries. It’s easy to sell ready-to-eat meals with no in-store sitting or high rent payment. Get a cart or truck, take out a small capital for required stuff and get started. Remember, in some cases; you need to get a license too.


4. Card Printing Business

Printing is a profitable business. Just fulfil the market demand, and there you are making good cash from home. Business card design and printing is one small section from where you can start.

If you can design business cards, then all you need is a printer and printing software. Or hire a designer if you don’t know how to design. Despite all online stuff, there is always a high demand for printing materials. Traditional branding and marketing campaigns depend on brochures, cards, and banners.

All in all, there lies a great opportunity that you need to grab.



5. Online Coaching/Tutoring

Online tutoring is a buzzing industry now. For many people, it’s a lucrative business. You can make most out of your teaching skills to earn cash online. It’s a billion dollar industry that allows people to earn on an average $1400 per week. As per your experience and skills, you can earn even more than that. You don’t need anything except a good internet connection, laptop and a cool conference app to start as an online tutor

6. SEO Consultancy

Did you know the top 5 results in Google get 75% of the total clicks? There are above 966 million websites on the Web. Each of them wishes to appear on top in SERPs and drive more traffic. However, that’s challenging without search engine optimization. Therefore websites depend on SEO experts to improve the visibility of their sites.

If you are an SEO expert, you can start your own business. Invest in some tools like Ahref, SEMrush, etc. for performance analysis and keyword research. Get into preliminary online promotions to attract clients. This way you SEO consultancy business will pick up the right pace.


7. Event Planning

Are you outgoing, creative and socially adaptable? If yes, event planning is the best business option for you. As it’s a location-independent venture, you get the flexibility to work from any location. However, you need to build an event team and manage them remotely via Skype or other channels. Money won’t be a problem if you get your hands on some good clients.


All of the suggested businesses are easy to start. Just love what you are doing and keep improving. It will help you establish in your chosen niche. Don’t forget to update yourself and connect with your customers. Expand your services and give your customers the best experience. It will surely set you apart from others.


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